Thursday, January 17, 2008

How to Get a Free Playstation 3

Do you want a free Play Station 3?

There are many companies out there that are just waiting to send you a brand new free Playstation 3! I'm getting mine from the MacroBucks network, and you can too!!

This sort of freebie site isn't limited to free PS3's either! You can also get a free Xbox 360 elite, free Nintento Wii, free iPhone, free iPods, and so many other prizes!!!

Just follow these easy 3 step instructions, and you too can enjoy a free Playstation 3 of your own!

(You may want to read through all the way to the end of this post though before getting started though, just to get an overview of how everything works :) )

Here's how it works:

Sign up for the freebie site by clicking on this link:
First Step - Sign up here!

Next you will need to complete the "offer requirements" for the site.
You see, these companies, known as Incentive Marketing Companies, rely on revenue from advertiser subscriptions to pay for the free Playstation 3's and other prizes that they offer. To get your free PS3, you will need to complete some offers from their sponsors. Most of the offers are trial offers and some of them cost as little as $1! So not only do you get a free Playstation 3, but you get to participate in some neat trial offers as well!

So anyway, the next step is to complete enough offers on the site to fulfill the requirements. Once you create an account on the site, it will take you to the offer list page where you can look over all the offers and see which ones look interesting to you. Like most Freebies Sites out there, this one is what's called a "1 credit" site. That means you will need to complete enough offers to reach 1 credit to fulfill the requirements.

There's a few things you should know before you start completing offers. The advertiser and the freebie site's computers keep track of which offers you complete using what's known as browser cookies. For this reason, it's very important to make sure that your web browser is set up to accept all cookies; It's also a good idea to clear cookies before you signup for a site. For step-by-step instructions on setting up your browser and how to clear cookies, please see this link: Freebie Offer Completion Tutorial

Some other useful tips for completing offers properly to receive credit:

  • Before you start a site, make sure your browser is set to accept cookies, and then clear all cookies before starting the site. Also make sure that you have any pop-up blockers disabled.

  • Login to the site and complete an offer. Wait for the page to load completely before clicking on an offer. Go slowly, take your time and do not close any windows that pop up.

  • When the offer is complete, leave the confirmation page open for the offer for 5-10 minutes.

  • Never repeat an offer (even if you did it on another site!) You can only do an offer once, regardless of which site it was done from. Repeating an offer or providing fake information for an offer can get your account at the freebie site put on hold, known as "going red".

  • Any offers that you do should not be cancelled until the final days of the trial if you decide not to keep the offer. You should pick offers that actually interest you, and not just do an offer to get your free prize. Cancelling the same or next day can cause your offer and credit to be voided.

  • When waiting for credits, be patient! Some offers take a day or more to credit (I've waited 3 - 7 days ore more sometimes before they credit). Even the "instant" ones can sometimes take an hour or a day or more to credit, so if it doesn't credit right away, don't worry, just keep checking back.

  • Make sure you're not logging into a site or trying to do offers through a proxy. To see if you're using a proxy, see this page: [url][/url]

  • DO NOT USE AOL AOL uses a proxy, and signing up through AOL will cause your account to be put on hold!

  • Don't use IE7! People have reported problems with crediting with IE7. I personally prefer firefox, but many people use IE6 as well without problems (just not IE7!)

  • DO NOT access or sign up to the freebie site using a public computer! Many public computers like internet cafes and libraries use proxies, which will get your account placed on hold. Also, if you login to the freebie site from more than one IP address, this could also get your account placed on hold, so be sure to always access the site from the same internet connection.

  • If you click through a bunch of offers (like to look @ the terms and conditions) before deciding which one to complete, you may want to clear cookies again before you do the offer. Make sure that after you clear cookies you log back into the freebie site before completing the offer. (Clearing cookies will log you out, and if you don't log back in, the offer won't credit to your account!)

Some recommended offers: (for a full list of offers, click here).
To complete your "offer requirements", you will need to do enough offers to reach 1 Credit. Different offers are worth different credit amounts.

Vacation Passport / Autovantage / At Home Rewards / Great Fun! / Today's Escapes / Complete Home / Buy Discount / Valuemax / Value Plus / etc - these are all trial offers to different clubs. You'll get a trial membership for like $1 - $3 and get access to discounts for restaurants, home supplies / repair, automobile accessories and maintenance, and other things. (Depends on the club:) They're great offers since you get to complete your requirements for the PS3, and you get to get discounts on things that you buy anyway :)

Overnight Genius - Get some free computer learning CD's sent to you for only $5 s/h! Learn Excel, Word, Windows XP, and many others! - is the largest seller of Jewelry on the Web! Find 10,000 Jewelry auctions every day and 3 Minute Auctions! You can get some good deals on jewelry and other things here!

Gamefly - 1 month trial for $8-$9. Great for your new free Playstaion 3 :)

Blockbuster - 1 month trial for around $10. Rent movies without leaving your house! - FREE 4 week trial (28 days). Allows you to print postage from your computer!

Dermawand - Derma Wand is a Beauty Breakthrough!! Take up to 10 years off your skins appearance in just 3 minutes a treatment. Order now and receive a free 30 day trial.

Disney Book Club -
Get 8 Disney Storybooks for only $3.99! Plus, get a FREE Winnie the Pooh Backpack! Kids love storybooks based on their favorite Disney movies!

There are MANY other offers too! Feel free to choose any others that look interesting to you too, this is just a small list :)

Always be sure to read the terms and conditions completely before signing up for any offers! Also be sure to read the terms and conditions on the freebie site, so that you can make sure that you get your free Play Station 3 without any trouble! If you follow the simple and easy rules that they've set up, you should have NO problem getting your free PS3 :)

Okay! So now you've completed step 1 by signing up for the site, and you've done step 2 by completing offers to fulfill the requirements of the site, now all that's left is

The FINAL step! You're well on your way to your free Playstation 3! All that you need to do now is to get your friends, family, coworkers or whoever to sign up under your referral link, and complete their offer requirements. (they don't have to get refs to for you to get your free PS3, only if they want to get a free PS3 for themselves as well. All they have to do is complete the offer requirements for you to receive credit for them as a referral)
You can only have one signup per household or IP address though, so be sure not to sign people up through the same computer that you used for your signup. (see the terms and conditions on the site for more details)Once you get the required number of referrals then all you have to do is place your order for your free Play Station 3 with the site, and then just wait for your free Playstation 3 to arrive on your doorstep!

Some tips for finding referrals:
If you don't have friends and family that want to sign up, you can still get referrals pretty easily. Some methods include:

starting a blog (like this one, but please don't copy mine exactly :)

ebay - you can post an ebay item for an "informational item", and even give it away for free! Search ebay for things like "free ps3" and you'll see some great examples :)

You could even offer to pay people a small amount of money to be your referral. even pay for their costs (you cannot complete offers FOR them though). Even if you pay out a small amount, you're still going to get a PS3 for a LOT cheaper than retail!

There's many other ways to get referrals too... be creative!! Just make sure not to "spam" your link anywhere -- be sure to read the terms and conditions on any board or forum or blog that you post it on!

All that's left then is to sit back and enjoy your new FREE Play Station 3!!